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What is RiByte Radio?

Hello everyone! My name is Alex O'Connor aka RiByte and I have started a website and podcast called RiByte Radio. Here I will be posting my gaming opinions and reviews. I have done a few gaming podcasts in the past: Game Scoop Thursdays, All for Geeks, and the most successful of the three, CAP Cast. I have played games ever since I was five years old and have no plans of stopping until I am physically unable to play them anymore.

I took a few years off from the podcast scene due to school and various other projects I was on, but I missed writing gaming pieces and talking about games on a somewhat regular basis so I wanted to start it up again!

At the start of every article or podcast episode, you will see or hear that I mention if spoilers follow. I am heavily anti-spoiler so I will always mention that spoilers are in the content regardless of how old or new the game is.

On the website you will find four categories: Game Articles, Reviews, Game Awards, and Podcast. Under the game articles category, you will find my gaming opinions that I write about. These opinions will also serve as what I talk about on the corresponding podcast episode. I wanted to provide these opinions in both audio and written format. You will find the podcast episodes listed under the podcast category. Game reviews will be posted as I play games. I don't get early access so they will be posted when I finish the game and feel comfortable enough to give it a rating out of ten. You may see reviews for a game that was released five days ago and some that were released five years ago. It just depends on when I play and finish the game or type up the review for games that I have already played. Under the game awards category, you will see my own personal game awards. I have been doing personal game awards for ten years so you will find awards dating back to 2013.

RiByte radio is a fun project that I want to do in my free time. I enjoy gaming, talking about games, and interacting with the gaming community. If you stumble upon my content, I do appreciate and thank you for taking the time to listen to or read it.

That being said, I hope you enjoy reading and or listening to RiByte Radio!


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