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RiByte Radio Logo

I just wanted to take a moment to spotlight the artist responsible for the RiByte Radio logo, Asahina Misaki.

Asahina Misaki was recommended to me by my voice acting friend, Henry Badger, and she did not disappoint! She was professional in our interactions together, taking the time to fully understand what I wanted and even suggest some additions that I hadn't thought of previously. For example, the flair at the bottom was something she recommended that I originally turned down before realizing it would be a good idea.

The image itself features my dog Riley on the left. She is the inspiration for my gamertag, RiByte. The name is a combination of Riley and byte which of course is associated with computer memory. I had come up with the name RiByte as her digital alter ego and couldn't help but adopt it as my tag. That way I can honor and remember her whenever I log onto a game to play!

On the right is myself holding my Xbox Elite Series 2 controller that I designed through Xbox’s Design Lab. The logo on my shirt is that of Nova Team which is the main special ops team in my upcoming debut novel, Celestial Saga: Dawn of the Seekers.

The flair at the bottom was suggested by Asahina Misaki and takes inspiration from the paragon symbol from Mass Effect which is one of my favorite game series.

If you are in the market for some art, I would suggest considering Asahina Misaki for your commission! She is professional, courteous, and completed my commission within two weeks.

If you would like to follow her work, you can click here to find all of her links.


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